Questions About Mount Trusmadi

Where is Mount Trusmadi?
Mount Trus Madi is located 70km southeast of Kota Kinabalu City and borders four districts - Ranau, Keningau, Sinua, and Sook.
How high is Mount Trusmadi?
Mount Trus Madi is 2,632 metres (8,668 feet) tall, making it the second tallest mountain in Sabah as well as Malaysia.
What is the weather like at the summit of Mount Trusmadi?
The weather at the summit varies depending on the weather but average temperature ranges from about 11 to 19 degrees Celcius, at most. It is not as cold as Mount Kinabalu but it's best to plan ahead and bring along a warm jacket, just in case.
What can I see at the summit of Mount Trusmadi?
The flora of Trusmadi ranges at around 600 species of plants, belonging to over 160 plant families. You'll also come across the N. trusmadiensis, a natural hybrid of N. lowii and N. macrophylla. It is also endemic to Mount Trusmadi. Upon reaching the summit, provided the weather is good and the sky is clear, you'll be able to see Mount Kinabalu's summit in all its glory.

Questions On Planning A Trip

How long does it take to climb Mount Trusmadi?
This depends on the trail you choose to take as your starting point. There are 3 trails climbers can take to summit Mount Trus Madi - Tambunan (Wayaan Kaingaran), Apin Apin, Keningau (Wayaan Mastan), Sinua, Sook (Wayaan Mannan) 
What should I bring on the climb?
Mount Trus Madi, though just second to its taller counterpart of Mount Kinabalu, is notorious for being much more challenging to summit. You will need to bring your own food and water in addition to your own things. There are porters who can help to carry your load up and down for RM6 per kg. To ensure you are well and fully prepared, check out Useful Tips for a list of things we recommend you bring along on your climbing trip.
When is the right time to climb Mount Trusmadi?
Every day is the right time to climb Mount Trusmadi, but in the event of rainy weather, the trail will get muddy which makes it more difficult to traverse. To ensure a smoother climb up, we recommend climbing during the dry season between the months of March to September but due to the recent unpredictability of the weather, do check the weather forecasts thoroughly before planning.
Where will I be staying?

This also depends on which trail you took. If you take the Kaingaran Trail, there will be the existing Gibon cabin, which can accommodate up to 20 pax with toilet and water supply. You do not need to bring along a tent for this.

If you're taking the Mastan Trail and Mannan Trail, you will need to bring along your own tents as there will only be camping sites. There is a toilet and water supply at the starting point of Mastan Trail but other than that, you will need to be prepared. For the Mannan Trail, there is only a resting platform at the camping site and the starting point.

You can choose to spend an extra night at Mirad Irad Base Camp of Mt. Trus Madi. It can accommodate up 24 people and camping is allowed for a fee. This will give you time to rest up and acclimatise to the higher altitude. Do take note that you will need to book at least 1 MONTH in advance.

Can I take a different trail to descend?
The trails are connected to each other from the summit but because different trails have been designated by different operators, you will be descending the same trail you took to ascend.
Will I get a climbing certificate after the climb?
Yes, you can claim your certificate if you make it to the top. A fee of RM10 applies.*

Questions on Age & Fitness

Is there an age limit to climb Mt. Trus Madi?
The minimum age required is 18 years old.
How physically fit should I be to do the climb?
Climbers will need to have average to high level of fitness before attempting to climb Mount Trus Madi, as the mountain is known to be tougher than Mount Kinabalu due to its steep terrains and consistently muddy treks.

Questions on Booking Arrangements

Do I need a climb permit to climb Mount Trus Madi?
Yes. You need to apply for entry permit from Sabah Forestry Department for the climb.
Where can I stay at Mount Trus Madi?
When trekking to the summit, camping will be the main form of accommodation. However, there are cabins along some of the trails with basic necessities such as beds, kitchen, and toilet. Please enquire further before booking your climbing dates.
Can I book my climb without transportation?
Yes, it is possible if you plan to make alternative arrangements. Do take note that getting to Mount Trus Madi, depending on the trail you're taking to ascend and descend from the summit, takes about 5 - 7 hours from Kota Kinabalu City. Also, transportation to and from Mount Trus Madi is included in all our Mount Trus Madi climbing packages.
Can I climb Mount Trus Madi without a guide?
It may be possible to hike without a guide though you will still need to apply for a climbing permit.
How many climbers to a guide?
This depends on the trail you choose to take. Generally, the number of climbers range from 3 to 5 pax per guide.