Mount Trusmadi Sabah Trail

Overview of Trail

There are three trails climbers can take to summit Mount Trus Madi - Wayaan Kaingaran in Tambunan, Wayaan Mastan in Keningau, and Wayaan Mannan in Sinua and Sook.

Depending where you start from, the time it takes to reach the summit will vary.

The shortest time to get to the summit is 2 days 1 night via the Tambunan and Keningau trail while the Sinua and Sook trails take the longest at 4 days and 3 nights.

Trail Details

Wayaan Mannan from Sinua/Sook

Wayaan Mannan from Sinua/Sook - To get here takes under 7 hours by road from Kota Kinabalu, including a lunch stop and coffee break. Requires 4 days 3 nights to climb it. Camp 1 at Sinua has a small bunkhouse and a large dormitory with rows of hammocks. Due to the higher altitude, 4 days is recommended to allow one to acclimatise to the higher altitude. There is also a rich biological diversity - exotic rare plants, orchids, birds, and many more which can be found along the trail.

Wayaan Mastan from Keningau

Wayaan Mastan from Keningau - Requires only 2 days to climb. About 12.6km in length, up to a total of 25.2km up and down the trail.

One of the least developed trails. Shortest at 4.3km but also the steepest, making it hard to take on.

Wayaan Kaingaran from Tambunan

Wayaan Kaingaran from Tambunan - require estimated 1 to 2 days to reach the summit. Has a 3km boardwalk from the starting point to enable climber to climb easily and to experience the rich flora and fauna that can be found along the trail. Can choose to climb via bird trails to enjoy the various species of birds. There is a rest house along the way that can accommodate around 20 pax called 'Walai Tingkoyodon', and has electricity, pantry, toilet, and water supply.

The Wayaan Kaingaran is also the oldest most developed trail. Compared to the two other trails, it is easier to climb due to trail upgrades as well as accommodation available. The first 3km of Kaingaran is a boardwalk with toilets along the way.